LTspice-Dot Commands List

This article introduces the LTspice dot commands in list form.

*Click on the dot commands to go to their respective explanatory articles.


Dot Commands for Basic Analysis

Dot CommandExplanation
.tranTransient Analysis
.acAC Analysis
.dcDC Sweep Analysis
.noiseNoise Analysis
.tfDC Transfer Function Analysis
.opDC Operating Point Analysis

Dot Commands for Applied Analysis and Analysis Aids

Dot CommandExplanation
.stepParametric Analysis
.tempTemperature Analysis
mcMonte Carlo Analysis
Evaluate User-Defined Electrical Quantities
.fourCompute a Fourier Component after a Transient Analysis(.tran)
.netCompute Network Parameters in a AC Analysis(.ac)
.optionsSet Simulator Options

Dot Commands to Include SPICE Model

Dot CommandExplanation
.libInclude a Library
Include Another File

Dot Commands to Create User-Defined Parameters and Functions

Dot CommandExplanation
.paramUser-Defined Parameters
.funcUser Defined Functions

Dot Commands to define SPICE Model and Netlist

Dot CommandExplanation
.modelDefine a SPICE Model
.subcktDefine a Subcircuit
.endsEnd of Subcircuit Definition
.endEnd of Netlist
.globalDeclare Global Nodes

Dot Commands related to Simulator Initial Conditions

Dot CommandExplanation
.icSet Initial Conditions
.nodesetSupply Hints for Initial DC Solution
.savebiasSave Operating Point to Disk
.loadbiasLoad a Previously Solved DC Solution

Other Dot Commands

Dot CommandExplanation
.saveLimit the Quantity of Saved Data
.backannoAnnotate the Subcircuit Pin Names to the Port Currents
.ferretDownload a File Given the URL
.waveWrite Selected Nodes to a .Wav File
.nodealiasShort Circuit between Nodes
.softstartShortened Rise Time for a Step-Up/Step-Down Power Supply
.machineArbitrary State Machine
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